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Yamaha Adverts & Commercials Archive


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Credits & Description:

Type of Entry: Use of Media
Category: Best Use of Internet
Advertiser/Client: YAMAHA MOTOR FRANCE
Product/Service: A NEW MOTORBIKE
Entrant Company: BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency: BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Creative Credits
Name Company Position
Georges Mohammed-Cherif Buzzman Ceo/Creative Director
Sébastien Partika Buzzman Artistic Director
Edouard Olhagaray Buzzman Copywritter
Yasmina Abdelilah-Bauer Buzzman Account Manager
Xavier Le Boullenger Buzzman Production Manager
Alexandre Kowalski Yamaha Motor France Marketing/Communication Manager
Mickael Walls Yamaha Motor France Marketing/Communication Manager
Marc Guillaumin Magu Design Web Designer
Mickaël Villiers Estara Technical Viral Marketing Manager
Results and Effectiveness:
In 3 weeks : 120 000 visits on the website 74 000 call backs
Creative Execution:
We offered people the possibility to test the bike during a race on the web. It's an advergame of a new generation, based on an original technology; the louder you shout into your phone, the faster the bike goes. We invited people to play on www.volumemax.fr. and proposed that they challenge their friends.
Insights, Strategy and the Idea:
Create the buzz online about the new motorbike model of Yamaha. Without showing or naming the model before its official launch. We also promised that people would feel strongly about the product.

The Ambient Advert titled VOLUMEMAX was done by Buzzman Paris advertising agency for brand: Yamaha in France. It was released in the Jun 2009.
Advertiser: Yamaha Corporation
Brand name: Yamaha
Agency: Buzzman Paris
Country: France
Category: Motorcycles
Released: June 2009


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