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Caribbean Hot Curry

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Credits & Description:

Category: Illustration
Advertiser: WMF
Product/Service: FLEXI WHISK
Chief Creative Officer: Detmar Karpinski (Knsk Werbeagentur)
Creative Director: Tim Krink (Knsk Werbeagentur)
Creative Director: Ansgar Böhme (Knsk Werbeagentur)
Creative Director: Ulrike Wegert (Knsk Werbeagentur)
Art Director: Tim Krink (Knsk Werbeagentur)
Art Director: Julian Heidt (Knsk Werbeagentur)
Copywriter: Dieter Kolaja (Knsk Werbeagentur)
Copywriter: Antje Clement (Knsk Werbeagentur)
Art Buying: Julia Gaentzsch (Knsk Werbeagentur)
Account Executive: Kirsten Kohls (Knsk Werbeagentur)
Graphic Design: Thomas Nickel (Knsk Werbeagentur)
Graphic Design: Sidney Tapper (Knsk Werbeagentur)
Typography: Julian Heidt (Knsk Werbeagentur)
Media placement: xxx - xxx - xxx

Describe the brief from the client
To communicate the flexi whisk features in a charming way.

Describe the challenges and key objectives
The flexi whisk by WMF is a unique product. It makes the creaming of sauces really easy, so one becomes interested in trying new recipes.

Describe how you arrived at the final design
We produced a series of table sets as giveaways. Each set presents a recipe for a sauce from a different country. They are designed as nautical charts with ‘food islands’: an invitation to discover new culinary worlds. One confidently circumnavigates each reef or lump in the sauce with the flexi whisk by WMF.

The Print Ad titled Caribbean Hot Curry was done by KNSK advertising agency for product: WMF Kitchen Knives (brand: WMF) in Germany. It was released in the Mar 2012.
Advertiser: WMF AG
Brand name: WMF
Product: WMF Kitchen Knives
Agency: KNSK
Country: Germany
Category: Knives
Released: March 2012

Advertising campaign: "Around the world in 80 sauces. With the flexi whisk by WMF"

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