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Voluntarias de Cáncer de Mama Bolivia Adverts & Commercials Archive

The Safest Radiotherapy

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Credits & Description:

The radiotherapy is the only process of treating breast cancer that has collateral effects. In Bolivia 2 out of 10 women lose their lives because of breast cancer. Radio is still the most massive medium in Bolivia, since 8 of 10 Bolivian households own a radio. That's why agency Athos, did the "first radiotherapy without collateral effects", a therapy made from the radios of Bolivia providing a direct and effective breast self-test for the simple fact of dancing the song you hear. Media: Experiential Category: Health & safety URL: http://radioterapiamassegura.c... Client: Voluntarias de Cáncer de Mama Bolivia Agency: Athos Production: Makina Films Country: Bolivia Creative Director: Fernando Fernandes Creative Director: PABLO leiva Art Director: Noé Apéstegui Art Director: Mauro Sanjinés Copywriter: Josue Nuñez Copywriter: Mani Cáceres Digital creative: Johnny Reep Account Director: Chichi Bravo Client: Lucia Terrazas Client: Ana Maria Coutand Samanta Ureña/ Actriz Video Redes Sociales Leslie Capobianco/ Actriz SitioWeb Escapa Studio / Casa de Audio Escapa Studio / Cristóbal López / Productor Ejecutivo Makina Films / Pedro Pablo Escobar / Productor Ejecutivo Makina Films / Fernando Lopez Valenzuela / Realizador Video Makina Films /Liz Moscoso Zegada y Carlita Montaño / Producción Ejecutiva Makina Films / Verito Galvis / Jefe de Producción Makina Films / Hugo Conde / Sonido Velcro / Ronald Araúz / Programador Web Velcro / Bianca Ugalde y Pookie Arancibia / Planeamiento Estratégico

The Radio ad titled The Safest Radiotherapy was done by Athos Santa Cruz advertising agency for product: radioterapiamassegura.com.br (brand: Voluntarias de Cáncer de Mama Bolivia) in Bolivia. It was released in the Oct 2017.

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