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Vodafone Adverts & Commercials Archive

Vodafone Phone Valet

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Credits & Description:

It's a known fact that millennials love brands that are plugged into the fears and joys of their lives. While young, urban Indians are deeply attached to their phones, they have also started acknowledging the existence of screen addiction. There lies an opportunity for a brand to promote balanced phone use and come out as a caring partner who advises youngsters to look up from their screens and put the people they are with before their phones.
To own this philosophy, we conducted a social experiment on Valentine's Day. Ogilvy & Mather Mumbaicreated a concept called 'Vodafone Phone Valet'. The phone valet let young couples check-in their phones at the beginning of their date night so they can spend the whole evening free of distractions and focus on the only thing that matters that evening - their Valentine's date. We then captured their reactions at the end of the night and compiled it as a video to inspire others to #lookup. 
#LookUp for real conversations
Media: Ambient
Category: Telecommunications
Client: Vodafone
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai
Country: India

The Ambient Advert titled Vodafone Phone Valet was done by Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai advertising agency for brand: Vodafone in India. It was released in the Mar 2017.
Advertiser: Vodafone Group plc
Brand name: Vodafone
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai
Country: India
Category: Telecommunications Services
Released: March 2017

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