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Trident Seafoods

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Credits & Description:

Trident Seafoods is the brand behind the nation's number 1 selling salmon burger. But, you wouldn't know that. Because despite being a billion dollar food company, they have never invested in building a consumer brand. Until now.

First and foremost, Trident is committed to creating a high quality product….and as such, it catches the wild Arctic fish, freezes it at sea, makes and packages the whole product. Unlike other salmon or fish burgers – these burgers are made entirely out of wild salmon fillet with the bare minimum of binder and spices.

The Print Ad titled Trident Seafoods was done by Cole & Weber United advertising agency for product: Trident Seafoods (brand: Trident) in United States. It was released in the Sep 2012.
Advertiser: Mondelez International, Inc.
Brand name: Trident
Product: Trident Seafoods
Agency: Cole & Weber United
Country: United States
Category: Seafood, Fast food
Released: September 2012

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