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Crossover the Wrodl

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Credits & Description:

Advertised brand: Toyota
Product: TOYOTA C-HR Crossover
Advert title(s): Crossover the Wrodl
Headline and copy text (in English):
An unprecedented collaboration of Japan’s most renowned manga artists fuels the latest campaign for Toyota. To conclude all of the four videos we’ve created the ad featuring some of the country’s dearest characters including Chun-Li, Ryu, and our favorite, alien robots.
Media: Film, Digital
Agency: Juice Poland
Project: C-HR "Crossover the world"
Client: Toyota
Director: Kosai Sekine
Production company: TOHOKUSHINSHA

Producer: Michał Dwojak-Hara
Art Director: Rafał Gosieniecki
CG Supervisor: Tomasz Dyrduła

Art: Igor Piwowarczyk, Michał Misiński, Rafał Gosieniecki
Assets: Andrzej Sykut, Piotrek Koczan, Robert Walentynowicz, Sławomir Ostrowicki
Tracking: Tomasz Dyrduła, Marcin Orzechowski, Piotr Koczan
3D Rotoscopy: Łukasz Kowalik
Layout: Tomasz Dyrduła, Marcin Orzechowski
Animation: Marcin Orzechowski, Tomasz Dyrduła
FX: Tomasz Dyrduła, Paweł Pojedynek
Rendering: Andrzej Sykut, Piotr Koczan, Łukasz Walicki, Tomasz Dyrduła
Compositing: Selim Sykut, Szymon Jaskuła, Przemysław Czapla, Michał Misiński
On-set supervisor: Tomasz Dyrduła, Michał Dwojak-Hara
IT: Jarosław Ćwirzeń
Team Coordinator: Maciej Tunikowski

Published: March, 2017
We’ve teamed up with Toyota, Tohokushinsha Production and director Kosai Sekine to deliver the spot summing up Toyota’s “Crossover The World” campaign. And it has everything good automotive spot should have – explosions, Chun-Li and alien robots.

The TV Commercial Ad titled Crossover the Wrodl was done by Tohokushinsha Film Corporation advertising agency for product: Toyota C-HR (brand: Toyota) in Japan. It was released in the Mar 2017.
Advertiser: Toyota Motor Corporation
Brand name: Toyota
Product: Toyota C-HR
Agency: Tohokushinsha Film Corporation Juice Group
Country: Japan
Category: Cars
Released: March 2017

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