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Scents of the City

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Credits & Description:

Advertising agency: Rosapark
Co-founders: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Jean-François Sacco, Gilles Fichteberg
Thalys Account Team: Delphine Drutel, Soraya Cottin, Camille Hemet
Executive Creative Director: Jean-François Sacco
Creative Directors: Mark Forgan and Jamie Standen
Art Directors: Mark Forgan and Blanche Depondt
Copywriter: Jamie Standen
TV Production: Adélaïde Samani
Film Production: Birth
Sound Studio: Schmooze
Advertiser: Thalys
Thalys Project Managers: Laetitia Deville and Pauline Rémond
Thalys PR: Frédérique Delcroix, Juliana Bruno, Mathilde Ausort and Bérengère Vuathier
Published: May 2017
An eye-catching temporary installation, ‘Scents of the City’ was set up in a Brussels art gallery – 752 tubes containing 16 unique fragrances from Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Copenhagen. The scents, which included “A Real French Breakfast", the aroma of a buttered tartine in a Parisian café, “Latexxx”, the latex odor from the Sex Museum in Amsterdam, or the more poetic “Moments after Mass”, the blended scent of the Cologne cathedral…visitors were able to walk around the colorful display, hung from the ceiling like a chandelier. Circling around, they could explore the different scents, which were identified on large wall maps.
The temporary exhibit was preceded by a soft launch in Paris earlier this year, and will continue with a film, which follows an adventurer as he travels to the different cities. The film will be aired in the 4 countries represented in the exhibit during the 2nd half of May.

The TV Commercial Ad titled Scents of the City was done by Rosapark Paris advertising agency for brand: Thalys in France. It was released in the May 2017.
Advertiser: Thalys International
Brand name: Thalys
Agency: Rosapark Paris Birth
Country: France
Category: Railways
Released: May 2017

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