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Credits & Description:

Type of Entry: Corporate or Brand Identity
Category: Digital Design
Advertiser/Client: SULEKHA.COM
Entrant Company: JWT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Design/Advertising Agency: JWT Mumbai, INDIA
Creative Credits
Name Company Position
Senthil Kumar Jwt Executive Creative Director
Senthil Kumar Jwt Designer/Copywriter
Suresh Eriyat Famous House Of Animation Designer/Art Director
Jeff Emmanuel Jwt Digital Art Director
Arjun Nalapat Jwt Digital Writer
Sharath Shankar Famous House Of Animation Producer
Arun K Jwt Web Architect
Original Artists Village Orissa Handicrafts Illustrators
Brief Explanation:
Most Indian consumers are wary of e-commerce and online transactions. Many consider the internet only for email, news and social networking. Less than 6% of Indian credit card users indulge in online shopping. The biggest objective therefore was to simplify online Yellow Pages for the Indian consumer and encourage online transactions via Sulekha.com
Describe the brief from the client:
To simplify online Yellow Pages for the Indian consumer and demonstrate the ease of online transactions. To encourage consumers to switch from the usual paperback Yellow Pages to Sulekha.com online Yellow Pages and classifieds.
Description of how you arrived at the final design:
We started by marrying the mythological arrow with the technological cursor and brought Arjuna The Archer back to life in the online age. The design of the character and the space revived the art form of Patta Chitra Katha, featuring ancient illustrations hand printed on sun dried patta leaves. The illustrative process involved mixing tamarind seed paste with rice powder, applied on patta leaves to create the canvas. Next animal hair brushes were dipped in vegetable colours to imprint each image. 4320 Patta Chitras were hand crafted and transformed into the digital space using flash applications for the site.
Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market:
A microsite with a macro cause: designed to demonstrate online yellow pages and revive the Lost Art of Patta Chitra Katha. The site became the online identity of Sulekha.com as it was used as the home page lead in, engaging over 5 million online Indians since launch, featuring free downloads of videos, screensavers, wallpapers, ringtones and the collective online Pattu Chitra Katha Reservoir on Sulekha.com. A digital design initiative that bridges Mythology with Technology to save a priceless art form and revive it for future generations through the online medium, while drawing millions of online Indians to transact via Sulekha.com.

The Online Advert titled ARJUNA THE ARCHER was done by J. Walter Thompson Mumbai advertising agency for brand: Sulekha.com in India. It was released in the Jun 2009.


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