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Degree/Diploma business card

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Credits & Description:

Category: Logo Design
Agency: RED LION
Creative Director: Brett Channer (Red Lion Toronto)
Art Director: Anand Iyer (Red Lion Toronto)
Copywriter: Dave Pigeon (Red Lion Toronto)
Media placement: Business Cards - Handed Out To Students And Potential Donors For Schoolarship. - March 5, 2012
Describe the brief from the client
To create a business card that will leave a lasting, positive impression on students and encourage them to consider ‘Schoolarship’ as a viable option for tuition grants.
Describe the challenges and key objectives
With the cost of Canadian post-secondary education on the rise, many students are struggling to pay back their tuition loans. Our key objective was to create a business card that would raise awareness of Schoolarship as an organization that can help them graduate without incurring overwhelming debt.
Describe how you arrived at the final design
We wanted to create a piece that would demonstrate how Schoolarship could help students achieve. Therefore, we designed a business card that resembles the one thing all students are striving for: a degree/diploma.
Give some indication of how successful the outcome was in the market
The business cards have been very well received amongst students and potential donors.

The Direct marketing titled Degree/Diploma business card was done by Red Lion Toronto advertising agency for product: Schoolarship Business Card (brand: Schoolarship) in Canada. It was released in the Mar 2012.
Brand name: Schoolarship
Product: Schoolarship Business Card
Agency: Red Lion Toronto
Country: Canada
Category: Colleges, Universities & Education Centers
Released: March 2012

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