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Rexona Adverts & Commercials Archive

Believe in the Invisible

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Credits & Description:

Rexona has executed a consumer stunt in Sydney’s Macquarie Shopping Centre and used the footage of shoppers’ reactions to form a new series of online videos tying into Rexona Invisible Dry, the deodorant brand’s no white marks range. Released today, the video content sees shoppers being steered towards a construction site walkway, which features a 4K OLED screen that is ‘invisible’ until the stunt begins. When stepped on, the screen comes to life and appears to shake, shatter and break under the pressure of the pedestrian’s footsteps. Startled stunt-goers were thus compelled to take up Rexona Invisible Dry’s campaign message, ‘Believe in the Invisible’, in a new and interesting light. The video content is being rolled out on Facebook and YouTube, with two 6 second boosted videos on Facebook and a 15 second non-skippable pre-roll on YouTube. Consumers also have access to a long form 90 second edit on Rexona’s YouTube channel and their website.
Media: Outdoor
Category: Cosmetics & toiletries
Client: Rexona
Agency: -
Country: Australia

The Ambient Advert titled Believe in the Invisible was done for brand: Rexona in Australia. It was released in the Feb 2017.
Advertiser: Unilever
Brand name: Rexona
Country: Australia
Category: Deodorants
Released: February 2017

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