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Purdy Nails

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Credits & Description:

Purdy paintbrushes are unlike any other. Master craftsmen make each and every brush by hand, personally signing off every single one, making them the highest quality, premium paintbrush on the market. Put simply, they are the ultimate choice for any painter or decorator. So BJL, Manchester created ads with a sense of luxury in mind and used a photographer who usually shoots high-end watches and handbags. This meant that in trade titles our Purdy press ads would stand out just as much as if the brushes themselves were put side-by-side.
Media: Print
Category: Household, garden & pets
Client: Purdy
Agency: BJL, Manchester
Country: United Kingdom
Creative Director: Richard Pearson
Creative Director: Karl Stones
Art Director: Katie Bradshaw
Copywriter: Ryan Griffiths
Account Director: Helen Worsey
Photographer: Bruce Anderson
Senior Account Manager: Ed Vaughan-Hughes
Senior Campaign Manager: Tarryn Farnworth

The Print Ad titled Purdy Nails was done by BJL Manchester advertising agency for brand: Purdy in United Kingdom. It was released in the Jun 2016.
Brand name: Purdy
Agency: BJL Manchester
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Paints, Paint Brushes, Adhesives
Released: June 2016

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