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Credits & Description:

Brand: Puma
Media: Outdoor
Category: Fashion
Campaign name: Suede Forever
Agency: JWT
Geo: United States
Puma: Suede Forever, 2
Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, New York, USA
Executive Creative Director: Florent Imbert
Head of Art & Design: Aaron Padin
Designers: Katie Bourgeois, Emely Perez
Senior Copywriter: Nathan Goodson
Chief Creative Officer, New York: Brent Choi
Planning Director: Rik Mistry
Digital Producer: Lemee Moffett-Gonzalez
Print Production Manager: Kristin Ertel
Project Manager: Kristin Robinson
Art Buyer: Treviana Delmastro
Global Business Director: Greg McConnell
Account Director: Chris Burgess
Account Manager: Caroline Morse
Artists: Justin Helton, Dan Stiles, Queen Andrea, David Carson, Ben Wiseman, Orhan Agis
Photographer: Drew Gurian
Media Agency: Blue 449
In order to demonstrate that the Suede is a cultural icon, we needed an idea that would make a statement and capture attention immediately. Our idea was to take people on a journey through time where the only single constant was the PUMA Suede, a shoe with such contemporary design that it was both ever present yet constantly evolving at the feet of its wearers.
1960s- Tommie Smith protesting against discrimination at the 1968 Olympics
1970s- Walt “Clyde” Frazier’s basketball career
1980s- B-boy culture
1990s- Alternative grunge
2000s- Skateboarding
2010s- Athletic wear as a lifestyle
The Future
The idea was to create a timeline, featuring each of these iconic moments in a different art piece in a style from its decade.
As a visual, you’d be able to see its influence from beginning to end, the end being a blank canvas and jumping-off point for the future.

The Print Ad titled 1960s was done by J. Walter Thompson New York advertising agency for brand: Puma in United States. It was released in the Apr 2016.

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