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Credits & Description:

Category: Point of Sale
Product/Service: CONDOMS
Agency: Z+
Date of First Appearance: Dec 20 2010
Entrant Company: Z+, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Executive Creative Director: Alan Strozenberg (Z+ Publicidade)
Creative Director: Leonardo Macias (Z+ Publicidade)
Copywriter: Zé Ricardo Novoa (Z+ Publicidade)
Art Director: Paulo Pejon (Z+ Publicidade)
Account Supervisor: Marília Martins (Z+ Publicidade)
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Daniel Marun (DKT)
Production: Diogo Piccinino (Z+ Publicidade)
Art Buyer: Alice Imamura (Z+ Publicidade)
Media placement: Direct Mailing - point of purchase - 20 December 2010

Describe the brief from the client
Prudence long-lasting effect is a condom with a special additive that provides more control to the man. With it, intercourses last much longer. But Prudence long-lasting effect is not yet well known and sought by consumers.

Describe the challenges and key objectives
A special stunt at the point of purchase was necessary. A stunt that’s as special and innovative as the product.

Describe how you arrived at the final design
To draw even more attention to the product, and to display the main benefit - providing more control to the man and more time for intercourse - in a quick and clear way, we developed a special kind of clock. Instead of the traditional numbers, we put positions from the Kama Sutra. The clocks were hung on the walls of the purchase points, giving real suggestions for consumers. After all, with Prudence long-lasting effect, pleasure lasts longer.

Give some indication of how successful the outcome was in the market
With the fancy clocks, Prudence long-lasting effect condoms became known and sought by the public. The choice for this type of condom grew and the result was very satisfactory. With a relatively small investment and a valuable gift, the acceptance in stores was complete and the publicity, immense.

The Design & Branding titled KAMASUTRA CLOCK was done by Z+ Sao Paulo advertising agency for brand: Prudence in Brazil. It was released in the Dec 2010.
Advertiser: DKT International (DKT)
Brand name: Prudence
Agency: Z+ Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil
Category: Contraceptives & Pregnancy Tests
Released: December 2010

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