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Outback Steakhouse Adverts & Commercials Archive

B-day Chair

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Credits & Description:

The Outback B-Day interactive chair brings virtual happy birthdays to life; giving presence to those who couldn’t make it to a friend’s celebratory birthday meal at the restaurant.
How does it work? The person celebrating their birthday is invited to sit at the special interactive chair. After connecting to their Facebook account, the birthday girl/boy receives an offline greeting for everyone who posts a virtual greeting on their wall.
With music, lights and hugs, this action helps reinforce Outback’s positioning as a place to enjoy special moments while reaching a younger audience through Facebook. By the end of this year Outback hopes to have at least one Chair in each of their restaurants in Brazil.
Media: Ambient
Category: Food
Agency: Lew'Lara\TBWA, Brazil
Client: Outback Steakhouse, Brazil
Creative Director: Manir Fadel, Mariana Sa, Cesar Herszkowicz
Creative Team: Fernando Reis, Marcelo Padoca
Digital Creative Coordinator: Andre Finaga
Account: Alexandre Baroni, Maureen Gonzales, Suellen Copola, Ricardo Barros
Project Manager: Marina Sala
RTVC: Luzia Oliveira, Cris Leopacci, Michele Pavão
Production Company: Bossa Nova
Sound Production Company: Jamute

The Ambient Advert titled B-day Chair was done by Jamute Audio advertising agency for product: Outback Steakhouse Restaurants (brand: Outback Steakhouse) in Brazil. It was released in the Jun 2013.

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