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Nikon Adverts & Commercials Archive


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Credits & Description:

Category: Short Format Internet Film
Cinematographer: Adam Frisch
Editor: Chiaki Matsumoto
Other Credits: Inc.
Director: Laura Bellingham
Other Credits: Sound Production: Beethoven
Producer: Takaharu Hatori
Producer Nick Uemura
Music: Xolie Morra
Art Director: Yasuo Matsubara
Director: Adam Frisch
Cinematographer: David Lee
Director: David Lee
Other Credits: Edit Director: Yohei Ishida
Copywriter: Junya Eguchi
Cinematographer: Koichi Mitsui
Cinematographer: Laura Bellingham
Account Supervisor: Kyoko Mitsui (Account Director)
ProductionManager: Masao Omokawa
Advertiser's Supervisor: Mineko Kawano
Creative Director: Masato Mitsudera
Executive Creative Director: Masato Mitsudera
Editing Company: Ppc
Agency Producer: Seiji Hosokawa
Editor: Syuichi Ono
Account Supervisor: Yuki Watanabe
Agency Producer: Yusuke Mori

Brief Explanation
Tears. They are the “ultimate way to express an emotional” which overflows from within a human being. Various tear shedding moments of delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure were filmed, focusing on the deepest of the emotions at core. These emotions were articulated with a single Kanji. This is what the lens of Nikon (NIKKOR), which evolved from optics technology, has constantly been seeing at its center, and is a universal theme which it will continue to shed light on.

The TV Commercial Ad titled TEARS was done by Beacon Communications Tokyo advertising agency for brand: Nikon in Japan. It was released in the May 2013.
Advertiser: Nikon Corporation
Brand name: Nikon
Agency: Beacon Communications Tokyo
Country: Japan
Category: Photo & Video Cameras, Accessories
Released: May 2013

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