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Released: September 2004
Advertiser: McDonald’s Corporation
Brand name: McDonald's
Product: Filet-o-fish Burger
Agency: Markom/leo Burnett
Country: Turkey
Category: Fast food

Credits & Description:

Advertising Agency: MARKOM/LEO BURNETT, TURKEY, Istanbul
Creative Director: Yasar Akbas
Scriptwriter: Alper Pala
Agency Producer: Sevinc Oktem
Account Supervisor: Arzu Yaman Karkmazel
Advertiser's Supervisor: Ozlem Ocalan

Script in English

VO: A fish has a memory span of three seconds...

SFX: Gonggg!

Woman: Mark?

Man: Huh?

Woman: Have you heard that "Fish Lovers" menu has begun at McDonald’s?

Man: What?

Woman: Fish fillet served with salad, special fish sauce, tomato and lemon…

Man: Really? Fish?

Woman: What fish?

Man: Oh, you want fish?

Woman: What’s this fish talk, for God’s sake? We can have some if you want.

Man: Have what?

Woman: I don’t know. What would you like to have?

Man: Who? Me?

Woman: Anyway… Have you heard of the "Fish Lovers" menu?

Man: Huh…

Woman: You know, fish fillet… For the first time at McDonald’s…

Man: What fish?

Woman: What fish?

Jingle: McDonald's... I’m lovin’ it.
Script in Orginal Language

D/S: Balik hafizasi ortalama 3 saniyedir.

SFX: Gonggg!

Kadin: Haluk

Erkek: Hah…

Kadin: McDonald’s’ta balik keyfi baslamis duydun mu?

Erkek: Ne?

Kadin: Tabakta balik fileto; yanina salata, tartar sos, domates ve limon.

Erkek: Ciddi misin?! Balik…

Kadin: Ne baligi?

Erkek: Ha? Balik mi istiyo’sun?

Kadin: Ay nerden çikti balik? istiyorsan aliriz.

Erkek: Ne aliriz?

Kadin: Bilmem… Ne istersin?

Erkek: Kim? Ben mi?

Kadin: Ya onu bosver de balik keyfini duydun mu?

Erkek: Hah…

Kadin: McDonald’s’ ”ta ilk kez… Balik fileto…

Erkek: Ne baligi…

Kadin: Ne baligi…

Erkek: Balik dedin…

Kad?n: Ben balik demedim.

Erkek: Ha…Ne dedin?

Jingle: McDonald’s… Iste bunu seviyorum.
Brief Explanation

In this radio spot for the announcement of the new fish menu at McDonald's, a woman (supposed to be a female fish) tries to give the good news to the man (male fish) but the dialogue turns into an endless monologue as they always forget what they have said or asked a second ago. A parody of fish memory that lasts only three seconds.

The Radio ad titled FISH MEMORY was done by Markom/leo Burnett advertising agency for product: Filet-o-fish Burger (brand: McDonald's) in Turkey. It was released in the Sep 2004.

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