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Matsushita Electric Industrial Adverts & Commercials Archive


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Released: November 2006
Brand name: Matsushita Electric Industrial
Product: Room Air Cleaner
Agency: Daiko Tokyo
Country: Japan

Credits & Description:

Advertising Agency: DAIKO ADVERTISING, JAPAN, Osaka
Creative Director: Makoto Mitsui/Yoichi Miura
Scriptwriter: Makiko Ida
Director: Makiko Ida
Sound Engineer: Masahiro Inumaru/Yuichi Honda

Script in English

MVO1: Action!

MVO2: (Repeated in sneeze form)

MVO1:That reeks!

MVO2: (Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1: Heave ho!

FVO1:(Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1:Oy, Eguchi!

MVO2: (Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1: I’m Iguchi!

MVO2: (Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1: Hey, hey...Taxi!

MVO2: (Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1: She's backing up.

MVO2:(Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1: Uh oh, I hit the sign!

FVO1:(Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1:An egg sandwich, super-size.

MVO2: (Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1:That's a million yen, yes?

FVO1:Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1: In my eye!

MVO2: (Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1: Cute kitchen cushions.

FVO1: (Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1: Whoa! That's exotic!
MVO2: (Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1: Oh, she did it on the sly.

MVO2: (Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1:Knock off the noise!

FVO1:(Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1:Jackson, your mouth smells.

MVO2:(Repeated in sneeze)

MVO1:You've got something stuck between your teeth!

MVO2:(Repeated in sneeze)


ANN:Sometimes feel you need lessons like these? Now you can keep your home free of
airborne pollen, dust, odours....all the things that make you sneeze...with National’s room air

Brief Explanation

All Japanese have had the experience of studying English in school, where the teacher says a
word or phrase and the students then repeat it.

The Radio ad titled SNEEZE-TALKING CLASS was done by Daiko Tokyo advertising agency for product: Room Air Cleaner (brand: Matsushita Electric Industrial) in Japan. It was released in the Nov 2006.

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