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Matsushita Electric Industrial Adverts & Commercials Archive


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Credits & Description:

Advertising Agency: DENTSU KANSAI, JAPAN, Osaka
Creative Director: Yoichi Miura
Scriptwriter: Masayuki Nakamoto
Agency Producer: Tomoe Hanawa
Advertiser's Supervisor: Yoichi Miura
Director: Masayuki Nakamoto
Sound Engineer: Akito Kondo/Tetsutaro Anzai

Script in English

SFX: Lark's chirping

VO: For such a small bird, the lark’s cry can be very piercing.

SFX: Lark's chirping and wings flapping

VO: Here, this lark is being chased by its natural enemy - a predator. Listen, as the lark continues chirping even as it’s being chased.

SFX: Lark's chirping and wings flapping

VO: This is the lark’s way of saying that it still has energy and has sounded the alarm. The lark
dissuades the predator, allowing it to escape. But alas, another non-chirping lark may not

SFX: Music

VO: Like this lark, sometimes our children can’t cry out or be heard. To prevent the kind of
tragedy this might cause, Protect your child with more than 100 decibels

SFX: Buzzer

VO: With National’s SOS buzzer attached to their school bag.

Script in Orginal Language


The Radio ad titled LARK'S CHIRP was done by Dentsu Kansai advertising agency for brand: Matsushita Electric Industrial in Japan. It was released in the Mar 2006.

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