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Matsushita Electric Industrial Adverts & Commercials Archive


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Credits & Description:

Advertising Agency: DENTSU KANSAI, JAPAN, Osaka
Creative Director: Yoichi Miura
Scriptwriter: Masayuki Nakamoto
Agency Producer: Tomoe Hanawa
Advertiser's Supervisor: Yoichi Miura
Director: Masayuki Nakamoto
Sound Engineer: Akito Kondo/Tetsutaro Anzai

Script in English

SFX: Crane's wings flapping

VO: Japanese cranes are birds that don’t sing very often, but are renowned for the deep love and protective instincts they have for their offspring. When it senses danger…

SFX: A crane’s cry

VO: It lets out a loud and threatening call of 100 decibels or more that carries hundreds of meters. So commanding is this call, that the Japanese themselves use the expression “with one cry of the crane” to illustrate authority or power.

SFX: Music

VO: As parents, we know our children can’t be with us all the time. But we can show them the
depth of our love with a very small, but loud, gesture. Protect your child with more than 100

SFX: Buzzer

VO: With National’s SOS buzzer attached to their school bag.

Script in Orginal Language


The Radio ad titled CRY OF THE CRANE was done by Dentsu Kansai advertising agency for brand: Matsushita Electric Industrial in Japan. It was released in the Mar 2006.

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