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Matsushita Electric Industrial Adverts & Commercials Archive


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Credits & Description:

Advertising Agency: DENTSU KANSAI, JAPAN, Osaka
Creative Director: Yoichi Miura
Scriptwriter: Masayuki Nakamoto
Agency Producer: Tomoe Hanawa
Advertiser's Supervisor: Yoichi Miura
Director: Masayuki Nakamoto
Sound Engineer: Akito Kondo/Tetsutaro Anzai

Script in English

SFX: Various birds’ chirps and fluttering

VO: A hawk has just appeared and is attempting to attack some small birds.

SFX: Small bird's alarm call

VO: But a lookout bird, upon seeing the hawk, cries out a wailing warning sound. Then, various
birds of every kind - the titmouse, the thrush, and the meadow bunting – also emit the same sound. Each understands that the sound means danger.

SFX: Small bird's alarm call


VO: Similarly, recognizable sounds can be useful to humans as well. Particularly when it comes to keeping our children and our neighbourhoods crime free. Protect your child with more than 100 decibels

SFX: Buzzer

VO: With National’s SOS buzzer attached to their school bag.

Script in Orginal Language


The Radio ad titled COMMON LANGUAGE was done by Dentsu Kansai advertising agency for brand: Matsushita Electric Industrial in Japan. It was released in the Mar 2006.

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