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M.J.BALE Adverts & Commercials Archive

Coolest Suit On The Planet

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Credits & Description:

Chief Creative Officer – Andy DiLallo
Deputy Executive Creative Director – Craig Brooks
Creative Director – Ian Williamson
Senior Art Director – Mark Tallis
Senior Writer – Cameron Dowsett
Producer – Annabel Jewers
Junior Producer – Savannah Anseline

Senior Account Director – Laura Morano
Account Director – Dave Matthews
Planning Director – Joel Pearson

Design Director – Chris Mawson
Design & Animation – Razif Djamaluddin
Design & Animation – Thanh Lu
Animation – Brent Loy
Sound Designer – Beau Silvester

Director & Photographer – Patrick Fileti
Music – Song Zu
Composer – Ben Lam (Songzu)
Sound Producer – Jessica Bonney (Songzu)
Activation Director – Richard Bernardo (Avant Garde Events)
Production Fixer Dubai – Abdel Salam
Production Fixer India – Daulat Singh Ranawat
Production Fixer Morocco – Reda Fakhar

General Manager – Fi Milliken
Account Manager – Jade Barringer
Account Executive – Caitlin Jokovic

Founder & CEO – Matt Jensen
General Manager – Shannon Luxford
Marketing & PR Coordinator – Nick Sanders
Head of Visual Communication – Cassandra Thomas
Brand Editor-In-Chief – Jonathan Lobban
Brand Experience Manager – Jaime Fernandes

The Ambient Advert titled Coolest Suit On The Planet was done by Eleven advertising agency for brand: M.J.BALE in Australia. It was released in the Sep 2017.

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