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L'Equipe Adverts & Commercials Archive


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Released: March 2005
Brand name: L'Equipe
Product: Reader Competition
Agency: DDB Paris
Country: France
Category: Publishing, streaming & media


Credits & Description:

Advertising Agency: DDB PARIS, FRANCE
Creative Director: Alexander Hervé/Sylvain Thirache/Vincent Malone
Scriptwriter: Celine Landa/Vincent Malone
Account Supervisor: Thomas Granger
Sound Engineer: Vincent Malone

Script in English
MVO1: Hello, is that the newsagents?
MVO2: Yes…
MVO1: Listen, I’ve checked and the competition in the Day-before's Equipe starts next Monday.
MVO2: Yes?
MVO1: Ok, now tell me where and when I can get Monday’s Day-before Equipe.
MVO2: Sunday.
MVO1: If I go on Sunday, you’ll give me Monday’s Day-before Equipe?
MVO2: Yes, Sunday’s newspaper.
MVO1: But if I want the Day-before's Equipe?
MVO2: Then you can come today.
MVO1: No…but…it’s… ah…
ANN: From Sunday the 13th March until the 5th of April, in order to win some fabulous prizes, look for the winning info in the Day-before’s Equipe. Find out more about the game and how to play at equipe.fr
Script in Orginal Language
MVO1: Allo Comptoir de la Presse?
MVO2: Oui…
MVO1: Ecoutez j’ai vérifié c’est sûr, le concours dans l’Equipe de la veille commence bien Lundi prochain…
MVO2: Oui?
MVO1: Alors dites moi où et quand je peux trouver cette Equipe de la veille de Lundi s’il vous plaît
MVO2: Dimanche
MVO1: Si je viens Dimanche vous me vendrez l’Equipe de la veille?
MVO2: L’Equipe de Dimanche
MVO1: Et si je veux l’Equipe de la veille alors?
MVO2: Passez aujourd’hui
MVO1: Mais…
ANN: Du Dimanche 13 mars au 5 avril il faut chercher l’info gagnante dans l’Equipe de la veille pour peut être gagner de fabuleux cadeaux. Retrouvez le jeu et ses modalités sur l’equipe.fr

The Radio ad titled SATURDAY 12TH was done by DDB Paris advertising agency for product: Reader Competition (brand: L'Equipe) in France. It was released in the Mar 2005.

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