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DO US A FLAVOR [video]

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Credits & Description:

Advertiser: FRITO-LAY
Agency: OMD
Category: Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Advertising campaign: DO US A FLAVOR
Associate Director: Mandy Murawsky (OMD)
Senior Director: Jennifer Saenz (Frito-Lay)
VP/Marketing: Ram Krishnan (Frito-Lay)
SVP/Group Creative Director: Tim Pontarelli (Energy BBDO)
CMO: Ann Mukherjee (Frito-Lay)
SVP/Group Client Service Director: Anna Bleers (Energy BBDO)
VP/Creative Director: Jonathan Linder (Energy BBDO)
Group Account Director: Stephen Mcknight (OMD)
Group Account Director: Kristen Colonna (OMD)
To reverse declining penetration and drive meaningful engagement with new, younger consumers, our strategy needed to be a smart media marriage of traditional and new channels to achieve results.“Traditional” media, specifically television and radio, was used to drive scale and awareness of DUAF with the masses, driving them online to find out more about the program.With traditional media as the primer, “new” media would be the engine of the program. We went all-in with a social strategy on Facebook to drive flavor submissions for Lay’s. With Facebook as the hub of our program, we counted on this community to become the heart and soul of submissions.Tapping into our target’s social ecosystem, we created an easy-to-use Facebook application centered around the user and their circle of friends. Submissions were quick, simple and social as they were able to combine different ingredients to create their perfect flavor.
The results blew us away: on sales, on participation, and on engagement! We reversed declines: Lay’s, a $2.8 billion brand, saw a +1% increase in household penetration, and +2% increase among millennials. We reversed a six-year trend of declining penetration.Millennials joined in: we garnered over 3.8 million flavor submissions in 12 weeks, destroying the original goal of 1.3 million by three times.Our strategy worked: we proved an engaging program and strategy that drove the bottom line with media as the second highest driver of growth on the brand.
Lay’s potato chips had a problem: the brand was declining in penetration for 6 years running, and not growing with younger consumers. For the largest food brand in the world, our challenge was huge: awaken a latent love of Lays, and build a relevant brand relationship with our millennial target. We launched “Do Us a Flavor,” (DUAF) built on the consumer insight that everyone has an opinion on what the next great flavor of Lay’s should be. We tapped into our target’s desire to create, to share, and to get recognized and partnered with Facebook to ask consumers what the next Lay's flavor should be.In their world – social, digital, and personal - we could show them (not just tell them) that their voice mattered to us and hopefully reverse declining sales.

The Case study titled DO US A FLAVOR [video] was done by Manning Gottlieb OMD London advertising agency for brand: Lays in United States. It was released in the May 2013.
Advertiser: Frito-Lay
Brand name: Lays
Agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD London OMD New York
Country: United States
Category: Confectionery & snacks, Chips
Released: May 2013

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