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Credits & Description:

Category: Best Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Advertiser: KODAK
Product/Service: INKJET PRINTERS
Date of First Appearance: Oct 16 2010
Executive Creative Director EAME - Core Team: Howard Smiedt (OgilvyAction)
Senior Account Director - Core Team: Jon Abrahams (OgilvyAction)
Senior Campaign Manager - Core Team: Jamie Sterry (OgilvyAction)
Client Services Director: Stephen Abram (OgilvyAction)
WW Business Director: Louise Ullmark (Ogilvy)
Project Manager: Angelika Egger (OgilvyAction)
Account Manager: Sam Kennedy (OgilvyAction)
Senior Account Executive: Amy Faulkner (OgilvyAction)
Account Executive: Rebeccca Lloyd (OgilvyAction)
Head of Experiential: Bruce Gardner (OgilvyAction)
Senior Art Director: Tai Tran (OgilvyAction)
Senior Designer: Gurudave Singh (OgilvyAction)
Online Designer: Fiona Hart (OgilvyAction)
Tech: James Gibbs (OgilvyAction)
Tech: Jonathan Lau (OgilvyAction)
Digital Editor: Mike Friddle (OgilvyAction)
QA: Hermes Rodrigues (OgilvyAction)
Media placement: Event - UK Cities - 16th October 2010
Media placement: Micro Site - Foundafiver.com - 16th October 2010

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
To create an engaging experience to raise awareness of the Kodak Inkjet proposition 'Switch to a Kodak Inkjet Printer and you could save money year after year', and break through the clutter of competitor brands.

Creative Execution
We aimed to develop a surprising and innovative guerrilla activity that interrupted shoppers and educated them on the proposition, as well as providing them with a reward. Through brainstorms and creative development we shaped the campaign and the focussed on building curiosity in order to engage consumers and encourage them to discover more. In addition, a purpose built micro-site and social media strategy was designed to engage consumers online and amplify the reach of the campaign. Finally, we decided that excitement and buzz would be created through a non branded approach that drove traffic through to Kodak’s Print and Prosper campaign site.

Results and Effectiveness
3,000 wallet drops and £15,000 in cash given away. Over 100 video clips uploaded in just one day and 1,200 video views by the Monday morning.

1 in 6 wallet finders visited foundafiver.com leading to a 42% conversion rate clicking through to printandprosper.com
The Print and Prosper Campaign (umbrella campaign) as a whole contributed to an 11% rise in value share from the start of the year to a 19.7% share in October.
The activity created a buzz, explaining to consumers the complex inkjet proposition in a very engaging yet simple way.

The Promo / PR Ad titled THE WALLET DROP was done by Wunderman London advertising agency for product: Kodak Inkjet Printers (brand: Kodak) in United Kingdom. It was released in the Oct 2010.
Advertiser: Eastman Kodak Company
Brand name: Kodak
Product: Kodak Inkjet Printers
Agency: Wunderman London OgilvyAction London
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Printers, Scanners & Supplies
Released: October 2010

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