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Credits & Description:

Advertiser: KNORR
Agency: PHD
Category: Best Use of Digital Media
Account Director: Arek Urban (Kalicinsky)
Regional Media Director: Aleks Smigielski (Unilever)
Brand Builder: Anna Bileecka (Unilever)
Account Director: Rafal Zgodka (PHD Media)
Well once we had the word, the hard work began. According to google, we had one of Unilever's most sophisticated search campaigns in the world. We created 2000 AD groups and as many as 30,000 key words. Why so many, because for each recipe we owned all the key words. We didn't need to pay for expensive word recipe, because we were always near the top in our natural ranking search results. Whatever you searched to do with a dish we were there. Seasonal, Regional, ingredients etc Wherever consumers searched for recipes we were there. We created huge amounts of content. Up until recently there was llitle content in Polish. Us and our consumers flooded the web with recipes. We had a mobile application which was the most successful downloaded application extending our reach and our availability
We grew a facebook group of 335,000 - this was one of the biggest in PolandWe now have one of Poland's biggest food portals.The average dwell time on our site is nearly eight minutes. Our consumers were are truly engaging with us.We have over 250,000 downloads of our mobile application, one of the top apps in Poland.We Believe that this is just the start.
Knorr is perceived as an international brand in Poland. Their biggest competitior Nestle's Winiary has years of Polish heritage. Poland's biggest selling weekly magazine (send a recipe) is a recipe sharing magazine. Searching for recipes online was the new way to find and share recipes. We also know that consumers do not generally search brands, they search for things that interest them. How could we own this new space for our consumers? Well we uncovered that ten years ago, a brand builder bought the url address recipe.pl. Lucky? Possibly. Forward thinking? very. Game changing? Undoubtedly. Obvious? So obvious, it just reminds you how important it is to ask the obvious questions. It meant that whenever a Polish housewife searched for a recipe, we were there with our product at the centre. The word recipe in Poland would be ours forever.

The Case study titled OWN ONE WORD was done by PHD Warsaw advertising agency for brand: Knorr in Poland. It was released in the Apr 2013.
Advertiser: Unilever
Brand name: Knorr
Agency: PHD Warsaw
Country: Poland
Category: Spices & Condiments
Released: April 2013

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