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Kit-kat Adverts & Commercials Archive

Kit Mail Hologram

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Credits & Description:

Brand: Kit Kat
Agency: Jwt
Description: In Japan, KIT KAT, sounding similar to the Japanese phrase "Kitto Katsu" (will surely win), has been considered for many years a good luck charm for students, preparing for entrance exams. Many times, they are given to examinees by family, friends and teachers.Entrance examinations are not about competing with others, but about the students facing themselves. Examinees make efforts each day to fight endless anxiety, loneliness and irritation. From early in the morning to late at night, after the rest of the family is fast asleep. Each of them fights alone.But they are not alone.

The Online Advert titled Kit Mail Hologram was done by J. Walter Thompson Tokyo advertising agency for brand: Kit-kat in Japan. It was released in the Apr 2016.
Advertiser: Nestlé S.A.
Brand name: Kit-kat
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Tokyo
Country: Japan
Category: Bars
Released: April 2016


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