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Kit-kat Adverts & Commercials Archive

You laugh, you loose!

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Credits & Description:

Advertiser: Nestlé Brasil Ltda
Product: Kit Kat Chunky
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Brazil
CCOs: Ricardo John/Rodrigo Grau
EDC: Humberto Fernandez
Creative Director : Luciana Cardoso
Copywriter: Diego Ferrite, Rodrigo Rocha e Ricardo Martin
Art Director: Caio Gandolfi e Diego Vieira
Creative Technologist: Sergio Costa
Account Team: Emma Goethals, Renata Buess, Marcela Parolini e Betina Zaguini
Media: Camila Bertoli, João Dabbur, Germano Spinola, Gabriela Dib, Maria Galetti e Luiza Slaviero
Planning: Fernand Alphen, Gustavo Leite e Juliana Maaz
Agency Producer Director: Marcia Lacaze
Agency Producer: Marcia Granja
Videocase Production: Santa Transmedia
Director: Jorge Teivelis
Sound Production: Bigfoote
Digital Production: Sergio Costa
Technology Production: Índice.in
Graphic Production: Flávio Colella e João Ricardo
Advertiser supervisors: Liberato Milo , Ricardo Bassani, Thais Pires, Patricia Nacamuta, Rafael Souza e Rodrigo De Marchi
I'd like to share with you the latest action from Kit Kat Brazil and J. Walter Thompson.
We placed interactive outdoors with facial recognition systems, all connected by streaming, and invite people to play a game with just one rule: the one who laughs first, looses and the winner gets a Kit Kat Chunky. We aimed to young people, so the outdoors were placed in two universities in Sao Paulo. Over 17,000 students were reached and more than 5,600 Kit Kat Chunky were delivered.

The TV Commercial Ad titled You laugh, you loose! was done by J. Walter Thompson Sao Paulo advertising agency for brand: Kit-kat in Brazil. It was released in the May 2016.
Advertiser: Nestlé S.A.
Brand name: Kit-kat
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Sao Paulo Santa Transmedia
Country: Brazil
Category: Bars
Released: May 2016

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