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Credits & Description:

Category: Products
Producer: Leiq Chen (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Developer: Chris Liu (Electronic Arts Beijing)
General Manager - Mobile (APAC): Franck Villet (Electronic Arts Asia Pacific)
Developer: Jun Mei (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Developer: Xiaoyan Sun (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Development Manager: Yayan Guo (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Developer: Peter Gao (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Designer: Qian Zhang (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Developer: Ruofei Ma (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Operation: Shiguo Sun (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Technical Director: Bochun Bai (Electronic Arts Beijing)
General Manager - Mobile (China): Jim Lee (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Campaign Marketing: Jingyi Wang (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Developer: Kun Yang (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Operation: Yanjiu Huang (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Designer: Bo Yan (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Tester: Di Zhai (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Head Of Marketing: Mingqing Cheng (Electronic Arts Beijing)
Customer Service/Marketing: Xue Pan (Electronic Arts Beijing)

Brief Explanation
Need For Speed Most Wanted is the no. 1 racing franchise worldwide and the EA Mobile studio in China released Need For Speed Most Wanted OL, an online version for smartphones developed specifically for the Chinese consumer. This new type of social network-based mobile game made great innovations for the China market such as the Time Shift Multiplayer mode to adapt to China's cellular network and embedding Sina Weibo (weibo.com) login to ensure users can smoothly shift their game experiences between devices.Jaguar is going to release their new car model (F-TYPE) in China and they need to educate the market to position Jaguar not only as a luxury car, but also a racing brand. Need for Speed Most Wanted OL provided a platform for Jaguar to impress buyers that the F-TYPE is a new sports car with excellent performance that rivals other brands. To highlight the F-TYPE, EA integrated the F-TYPE driving experience to the whole game life cycle:1. Career Mode Level 1: Offered the F-TYPE (Level 3) as a rental car for the Level 1 Pass Examination where succeeding in this race event is challenging with any other Level 1 stock car offering2. Offered the Jaguar F-TYPE for free in exchange for basic test drive information in-game. With this information, users not only get a Jaguar F-TYPE for free, but also receive Jaguar’s call confirmation on whether they want to attend an actual test drive hosted by car dealers. Jaguar is benefited by the resulting customer database while all users benefited through the FREE Level 3 car (F-TYPE)3. Career Mode Level 3: Users are required to drive the F-TYPE to pass the examination4. For all the users: a 4-week Jaguar Tournament is hosted before 20th April Shanghai Auto Exhibition Show. An online F-TYPE racing game will help Jaguar get more impression before the Exhibition Show and also hype the F-TYPE showcase (est. 500K attendance with 1M track races)Key Results (as of 8 April, 2013):1. Over 600,000 players raced using the F-TYPE 2. Jaguar collecting over 130,000 information profiles from fans in 1st week3. Over 1.5MM in-game races using the Jaguar F-TYPE within first week of launch4. The exclusive Beijing Super Car Club featuring a Jaguar for the first time in its history5. An increased demand for the vehicle and a boost in Chinese users interestNOTE FOR THE JURY:Instructions for Jury: check the PDF instructions to see how to install the App via TESTFLIGHT.com

The Online Advert titled REDEFINING THE JAGUAR BRAND IN CHINA THROUGH MOBILE GAMING was done by Electronic Arts advertising agency for brand: Jaguar in China. It was released in the Mar 2013.
Advertiser: Tata Motors Limited
Brand name: Jaguar
Agency: Electronic Arts
Country: China
Category: Cars
Released: March 2013

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