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Actual Reality

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Credits & Description:

Jaguar via Y&R New Zealand invited the public at an automotive expo to experience the only virtual reality simulation worthy of the F-TYPE. One that turned out to be not-so-virtual.They were promised a next level VR experience in a Jaguar F-TYPE on, what looked like, a large motion simulator platform. A fake VR helmet played a distraction video while the car was secretly lowered and driven on to the adjacent arena by a precision driver. Hidden cameras inside the passengers’ helmets went live and they were taken on an adrenaline-pumping ride before being obliviously returned to the stand.
Category: Automotive
Client: Jaguar New Zealand
Brand: Jaguar
Media: Ambient
Agency: Y&R New Zealand
Production: 8com
Country: New Zealand
Campaign file: Download campaign file
Director: Michael Humphrey
Chief Creative Officer: Josh Moore
Creative Director: Gavin Siakimotu
Creative Director: Guy Denniston
Creative: Gavin Siakimotu
Creative: Guy Denniston
Producer: Gene Keelan
Executive Producer: Katie Millington
Sound Studio: Liquid
Account Director: Victoria Meo
Agency Producer: Liz Rosby
Post production: Toy Box
Editor: Jarrod Wright
Lead Animator: Amanda Sasano
Account manager: Mike Keen and Mel Cutfield
Marketing Manager: James McKee

The TV Commercial Ad titled Actual Reality was done by Y&R Auckland advertising agency for brand: Jaguar in New Zealand. It was released in the Nov 2015.
Advertiser: Tata Motors Limited
Brand name: Jaguar
Agency: Y&R Auckland 8Com
Country: New Zealand
Category: Cars
Released: November 2015

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