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Restored Memories

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Credits & Description:

Agency: Wunderman Buenos Aires
Advertiser: INECO
Product: Alzheimer 2017 Awareness Campaign
General Creative Directors: Patán Tarazaga / Dany Minaker
Creative Directors: Pablo Maldonado / Ezequiel Orlandi
Web & App Developer: Pato Facal
Production Manager: Laura Martínez
Accounts Group Director: Mercedes Cores
Accounts Executive: Pilar Martin
Head of PR: Daniela Tucci
Band: Salmon Osado
Production Company: Duquesa
Director: Emiliano Ferrando / Rodo Castro
Executive Producer: Santiago Rusconi
Editor: Juan Dalessandro
Client’s representatives: Julian Bustin / Teresa Torralva
Date of publication: September 21, 2017
In Argentina, there are 50,000 new cases of alzheimer's every year. More than 90% are people over the age of 65. One of the main symptoms is the lack of memory. There is no cure, but at least there is a new tool now. Which is why the Ineco foundation presents 'Restored Memories' a project based on recent studies about color and its positive cognitive effects on the autobiographic memory.

The Ambient Advert titled Restored Memories was done by Wunderman Buenos Aires advertising agency for brand: Ineco in Argentina. It was released in the Sep 2017.
Brand name: Ineco
Agency: Wunderman Buenos Aires Duquesa
Country: Argentina
Category: Charities, Foundations, Volunteers
Released: September 2017

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