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Brewed with Data , 2

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Credits & Description:

Customer engagement agency Havas helia has worked with IBM Watson to capture the mood of the nation during the New Year party season to create a world first a beer that tastes of joy and optimism. Data experts at Havas helia analysed thousands of New Year related messages on social media and matched them with a range of emotional states. The top most shared emotions were love, joy, harmony, cheerfulness, optimism, resolution and excitement. Next step to the path of beer happiness was for IBM Watson to analyse 2,800 different beer recipes whilst feeding the computer descriptions of the ingredients, recipes, tasting notes and beer reviews to identify the perfect recipe.
Media: Print
Category: Other
Client: IBM
Agency: Havas London
Agency: Havas helia
Client: IBM Watson
Creative Director: Steven Bennett-Day
Art Director: Michael Tran
Copywriter: Marcio Leite
IBM Watson Project Lead: Joe Harrod
Designer: Darren Custance
Social Analyst: Manvir Singh
Marketing Analyst: Ciaran Power
Head of Tech: Michael Olaye
Software Engineer: Bongani Ndlovu

The Design & Branding titled Brewed with Data , 2 was done by Havas Helia London advertising agency for product: IBM Watson (brand: IBM) in United Kingdom. It was released in the Feb 2016.
Advertiser: International Business Machines
Brand name: IBM
Product: IBM Watson
Agency: Havas Helia London
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Beers and Ciders, Computers & Computer Accessories
Released: February 2016

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