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Gordon Finest Adverts & Commercials Archive

The Gordon Finest Adblocker

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Credits & Description:

We all know, adblockers are a huge threat for advertisers. And in Belgium up to 37% of people use one. That seems like a huge problem, but not for beer brand Gordon Finest Beers. They just came up with an adblocker themselves. One that blocks only their own campaign. They say they have Nothing To Prove after all. Just go to gordonfinestadblocker.be and the application is installed automatically. You don't need to do anything. Agency: BVBA OLAF Media: Interactive Category: Drinks, alcoholic URL: http://gordonfinestadblocker.b... Client: Gordon Finest Beers Agency: BVBA OLAF Production: Adsomenoise Country: Belgium Contact: Coline Bagein, Stephane De Kempeneer Creation: Olaf Meuleman, Jeroen Goossens, Ludovic Leekens Sound: Sonicville

The Online Advert titled The Gordon Finest Adblocker was done by BVBA OLAF advertising agency for brand: Gordon Finest in Belgium. It was released in the Nov 2017.
Brand name: Gordon Finest
Agency: BVBA OLAF Adsomenoise
Country: Belgium
Category: Beers and Ciders
Released: November 2017

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