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Credits & Description:

This is a press/ outdoor campaign for the launch of Free Range Eggs Ecosystem (FREE) developed by Horticulture Entrepreneurs & Naturalists Society's (HENS) free-range eggs brand FRESH (Free Range Eggs Special Harvest) in Kashmir. The campaign highlights the freshness and the unfertilised nature of FRESH Eggs by depicting them as freshly harvested fruits and vegetables as the unfertilised eggs are considered vegetarian as well. Media: Print Category: Food URL: http://www.freehens.com Client: FREE HENS Agency: BlackSheep.Works Country: India Creative Director/ writer: Asif Amin Tibet Baqual Creative Director/ art director: Suneel G Katarnavare

The Print Ad titled Aubergine was done by Black Sheep advertising agency for brand: Free Hens in India. It was released in the Jun 2017.
Brand name: Free Hens
Agency: Black Sheep
Country: India
Category: Dairy products & Eggs
Released: June 2017

Advertising campaign

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