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Advertising campaign: "Jeep Clothing (Shadows)"

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Released: February 2008
Advertiser: Chrysler Group, LLC
Brand name: Jeep
Product: Jeep Clothing
Agency: DDB Johannesburg
Country: South Africa
Category: Cars, SUV & Four Wheel Drive

Credits & Description:

We developed a campaign that shows the extreme advantages of effective disguise in the wild. The ads show some fantastic shots of animals in their natural habitats and are so close up that one would assume they were taken with a long lens camera. Upon further inspection one can see the small shadow of a figure taking a photo right near the animals. This demonstrates how Jeep’s camouflage range blends in with the natural environment, in an extreme but entertaining way.

Product : Jeep Clothing
Agency : DDB South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Gareth Lessing
Art Director: Darren Borrino
Copywriter: Stuart Turner
Creative: Paul Binikos
Country : South Africa

The Print Ad titled Lion was done by DDB Johannesburg advertising agency for product: Jeep Clothing (brand: Jeep) in South Africa. It was released in the Feb 2008.

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