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Daniel Kleinman director's best spots

Credits & Description:

Client: Lux
Title: Balloons
Advertising Agency: Santo
Creative Directors: Sebastián Wilhelm, Maximiliano Anselmo
Copywriter: Pablo Minces
Art Director: Luis Ghidotti
Planners: Andrea Mariño, Maria Cavallieri
Executive Producer: Facundo Perez
Producers: Andrés Salmoyraghi, Facundo Perez
Production Company: Stink
Director: Nacho Gayán
Executive Producer: Daniel Bergmann
Producer: Robert Herman, Rafa Montilla
Line Producer: Toni Moreno
Photography Director: John Lynch
Postproduction: Glassworks
Music: CCCI Productions
Musical Theme: Up,Up, and Away (J. Webb)
Client Supervisors: Solange Ricoy, Ivana Cunha, Corina Karsch, Fernando Laratro
Account Supervisors: Stefano Zunino, Marc Capra, Flavio Cortes, Rodrigo Toledo

The TV Commercial Ad titled Balloon was done by Santo Buenos Aires advertising agency for brand: Lux in Argentina. It was released in the Jun 2006.

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Daniel Kleinman director's best spots