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Faktum Adverts & Commercials Archive


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Credits & Description:

Advertiser: FAKTUM
Category: Charities, Not for Profit and Public Information
Advertising campaign: FAKTUM HOTELS
Account Manager: Asa Pedersen (Forsman & Bodenfors)
Advertiser's Supervisor: Ase Henell
Designer: Christoffer Persson (Forsman & Bodenfors)
Photographer: Hakan Ludwigsson
Art Director: Staffan Lamm (Forsman & Bodenfors)
Web Producer: Stefan Thomson (Forsman & Bodenfors)
Art Director: Staffan Forsman (Forsman & Bodenfors)
Account Manager: Linda Tiderman (Forsman & Bodenfors)
Copywriter: Martin Rinqvist (Forsman & Bodenfors)
Designer: Staffan Håkansson (Forsman & Bodenfors)
Advertiser's Supervisor: Sara Erkhagen

Brief Explanation
Gothenburg has about 3,400 homeless people. Most of them find a roof over their heads with a friend or at a refuge, but some sleep in the open air.We have chosen ten of the places where they might spend the night – and made it possible for you to book them. Just like any hotel.You can book one for yourself, or as a gift for somebody else. Either way the money goes to our work for homeless and socially vulnerable people.

The Online Advert titled FAKTUM HOTELS was done by Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg advertising agency for product: Faktum Hotels (brand: Faktum) in Sweden. It was released in the Dec 2012.
Brand name: Faktum
Product: Faktum Hotels
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors Gothenburg
Country: Sweden
Category: Hotels & Resorts
Released: December 2012

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