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Faber-Castell Adverts & Commercials Archive


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Advertising campaign

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Released: January 2017
Advertiser: Faber-Castell AG
Brand name: Faber-Castell
Product: Faber Castell Pencils
Agency: Inbrax Santiago Miranda
Country: Chile
Category: Stationery

Credits & Description:

Media: Radio
Category: Entertainment & leisure
Client: Faber Castell
Agency: Inbrax, Santiago
Country: Chile
Chief Creative Director: Pancho González
Executive Creative Director: Pancho González
Creative Director: ferju cuevas
Copywriter: ferju cuevas
Producer: Marcelo Galaz
Production company: Miranda y Tobar
Account Director: Marcelo Concha
Chief Executive Officer: Carolina Pinheiro

The Radio ad titled Green was done by Inbrax Santiago advertising agency for product: Faber Castell Pencils (brand: Faber-Castell) in Chile. It was released in the Jan 2017.

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