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Dizao Organics Adverts & Commercials Archive

Dizao Organics

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Credits & Description:

We were asked to create a trendy line of skin care products targeting consumers keen on innovative packaging. We developed a system of symbols showing the basic quality of each product of the range. Usually the product description runs in small font on the front side of the packaging. In this case black and white graphics conveys the essence of each product in a clear and emotional way. Each SKU has an individual symbol created with a unified logic in mind. The approach became the basis for the brand identity. All information about the producer and the method of application is placed either on the back panel of the packaging or on a label attached to it.

Title "Dizao Organics"
Agency Advertising Group Depot WPF Advertising
City Moskva
Advertiser Dizao
Brand Name Dizao
Business Sector Packaging & Design
Country of Production Russia

The Design & Branding titled Dizao Organics was done by Depot Wpf advertising agency for product: Dizao Organics (brand: Dizao Organics) in Russia. It was released in the Jan 2011.
Brand name: Dizao Organics
Product: Dizao Organics
Agency: Depot Wpf
Country: Russia
Category: Hair Care
Released: January 2011


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