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road Hitler

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Credits & Description:

In order to draw the attention of cynical drivers, Publicis Bucharest decided to tackle the road safety issue in a more surprising way. Thus, we appealed to their judgment and paid a compliment to their intelligence - using a black humor twist, rather than punch them in the stomach with the overused pictures of road tragedies. We made a victim out of the top 3 villains of all time, stating the improbability of such a "it_might_have_saved_the_world" kind of accident to happen.
Category: Public interest
URL: http://victimeaccidenterutiere.wordpress.com/
Client: The Centre Of Consultancy For The Road Victims
Agency: Publicis Bucharest
Production: Mitra Film
Country: Romania
Chief Creative Officer: Razvan Capanescu
Copywriter: Laura Nedelschi
Group CD / Copywriter: silviu nedelschi
Group CD / Art Director: Vali Petridean
Photographer: Upstairs Studio
Retoucher: Upstairs Studio

The Print Ad titled road Hitler was done by Publicis Bucharest advertising agency for product: The Centre Of Consultancy For The Road Victims (brand: CCVR) in Romania. It was released in the Nov 2012.

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