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Cape Argus Adverts & Commercials Archive


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Credits & Description:

Advertising Agency: KING JAMES, SOUTH AFRICA, Cape Town
Creative Director: Alistair King
Scriptwriter: Jonathan Commerford
Agency Producer: Alexis Roberts
Account Supervisor: Lesley Wright
Advertiser's Supervisor: Michael Vale
Director: Jonathan Commerford
Sound Engineer: Tully McCully

Script in English

MV1: through voice synthesizer Hello. My name is Arnold Freese. I started smoking in 1969. I smoked roughly two packets a day until 1995, when the government passed legislation stating that cigarette packaging should contain a highly visible warning label. A year later, I contracted throat cancer.

MV2: Information is useless unless it’s received at the right time. That’s why the Cape Argus releases two editions every day, the City Late at lunchtime and the Late Final in the afternoon, ensuring that you always get the most up to date local and international news. The Cape Argus. For the day’s latest news.

The Radio ad titled SMOKEY was done by King James advertising agency for product: Cape Argus Newspaper (brand: Cape Argus) in South Africa. It was released in the Dec 2004.

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