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Balls Dream Band

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Credits & Description:

Category: Household, garden & pets
Agency: TBWAItalia
Country: Italy
Bref Power Active 4 in 1 is Henkel's new product for toilet cleaning. It has an innovative shape of four colored balls, and each ball has a specific function. The core taget is represented by young women interested on new solutions and new media. TBWAItalia created an online experience fully dedicated to these ladies.

The idea is to create the launch of a new boy band: The Balls Dream Boys.

On a dedicated YouTube Brand Channel, a musical video of the boy band shows them trapped in four white cages. They sing a very special love song. When the chorus comes, the band prays the user to pull the chain that suddenly appears. Everytime the user flushes, the boys lose some clothes till they're left in their underpants - and the users finds out where they were, and who are them.

Users can dedicate the song to their friends: typing their names in, they'd listen to a personalized chorus.

Category: Household, garden & pets
URL: http://www.youtube.com/brefballsband
Client: HENKEL
Agency: TBWAItalia
Production: Bedeschifilm
Country: Italy
Director: Edoardo Lugar
Creative Director: Gina Ridenti
Creative Director: Hugo Gallardo
Executive Creative Director: Nicola Lampugnani
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Guerrera
Copywriter: Mara Rizzeto
Art Director: Francesco Pedrazzini
Producer: Federico Fornasari
Digital Creative Director: Michele La Fiandra
Digital creative: Luca Sala
Digital Project Manager: Sara Novellino
Music: Ferdinando Arnò
Music + Sound Production: Quiet Please
Senior Account Director: Cinzia Franchi
Account manager: Cabiria Grancheli
Web Designer: Chiara Villotta

The Online Advert titled Balls Dream Band was done by TBWAItalia advertising agency for product: Bref Power Activ (brand: Bref) in Italy. It was released in the Nov 2012.
Advertiser: Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
Brand name: Bref
Product: Bref Power Activ
Agency: TBWAItalia Bedeschifilm
Country: Italy
Category: Cleaning Products, Detergents & Wood protectors
Released: November 2012

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