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Bcp (banco De Credito Del Peru) Adverts & Commercials Archive


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Credits & Description:

Advertiser: BCP BANK
Agency: CIRCUS
Category: Banking, Investment & Insurance
Account Supervisor: Andrea Wong
Editor: Canica
Copywriter: Charlie Tolmos
Agency Producer: Giselle Bedon
Chief Creative Officer: Juan Carlos Gomez De La Torre
Post Production: Makaco
Account Manager: Roxana Pando
Director Of Photography: Ricardo Rodriguez
Producer: Anita Quiroz
Director: Gonzalo Iglesias
Sound Design/Arrangement: Megafono
Art Director: Yasu Arakaki

Brief Explanation
If you don´t have enough money, you may feel that is impossible to get the things that you really want. A woman feels that traveling to the beach of her dreams is as impossible as swimming the 7 seas. She doesn't have to feel like this. Because BCP Bank has the Loan Number 7 for you, that gives you 7 times your salary in 7 minutes.

The TV Commercial Ad titled 7 SEAS was done by Circus Grey Lima advertising agency for brand: Bcp (banco De Credito Del Peru) in Peru. It was released in the Nov 2012.
Brand name: Bcp (banco De Credito Del Peru)
Agency: Circus Grey Lima
Country: Peru
Category: Banking & Financial Services
Released: November 2012

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