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Cute Animal Christmas Song

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Credits & Description:

The Viral Factory has created a charming Christmas film to encourage the public to peel themselves off the sofa and ‘Do One Thing For Nature’ this Christmas.
Launching to publicise BBC Learning’s Breathing Places campaign, which urges people to get involved with the nature outside their front door, the viral is a funny but poignant reminder of the plight of wildlife this winter.
The Breathing Places campaign is based around the idea that if everyone changes their behaviour in a small way, then they can have a big impact on their immediate environment and the wildlife in it. It is designed to inspire and motivate people to create and nurture nature-friendly green spaces in their localities; to get in touch with nature and really make a difference this winter.
The Viral Factory’s brief was to drive traffic to the Breathing Places website and encourage a younger audience to get involved. Using footage from the BBC’s Autumn Watch, The Viral Factory has given it a festive comedy feel, by adding a nostalgic soundtrack and animating the footage - including mouths for the animals, a chorus of musical instruments and some festive Santa hats.
Re-writing the lyrics to the Jonah Lewie Christmas classic “Stop the Cavalry” for the soundtrack, The Viral Factory filmed its entire office singing along, and picked the best mouth for each animal, with editor Rob Hill providing a voiceover at the end, for a fox. From a mouse with a toothy grin and a lizard with elegant red lips, to a wasp playing the saxophone and a grasshopper with a drum-kit, the viral has heart-warming touches to bring a smile to viewer’s faces, whilst emphasising the message in the chorus line of “wish I had a home for Christmas.”
The viral ends with the fox telling the audience to “Find out about it online, yeah.” and flagging up the website http://www.bbc.co.uk/breathingplaces/, which offers hints and tips for looking after our furry friends, like making a wood pile and ‘baking for birds.’

“Hey there internets, we don’t want you to fret, but we're not doing splendidly
It is very cold, out here in the snow, without our friend David Bellamy
Bill Oddie's doing stuff, but it's not enough, so can you do one thing for me?
- Horn Break –
We have had to fight, for every single bite, while you scoff your Christmas tea
That is why we say, oh yes yet again, can you do one thing for me?
Breathing places, space to roam, some where that I can call a home.
Wish I could be safe and sound, in a bucket underneath the ground…
Wish I had a home for Christmas…
Brief: To make the BBC Breathing Spaces “Do One Thing” campaign relevant to a younger audience not normally engaged by this type of initiative.

Project name: Cute Animal Christmas Song
Client: BBC Learning – Breathing Places
Creative agency: The Viral Factory
Copywriter: The Viral Factory
Art director: The Viral Factory
Planner (creative agency): The Viral Factory
Media agency: The Viral Factory
Planner (media agency): The Viral Factory
Retouching: (if any): N/A
Editor: Rob Hill
Exposure: Online / viral

The TV Commercial Ad titled Cute Animal Christmas Song was done by The Viral Factory advertising agency for product: BBC Learning (brand: BBC) in United Kingdom. It was released in the Dec 2008.

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