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Blink Experience

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Credits & Description:

Media: Interactive
Category: Automotive
URL: http://www.audir8.com.au
Client: Audi Australia
Agency: Holler Sydney
Production: Chimney
Country: Australia
Director: johan polhem
Creative Director: cyril Louis
Art Director: Long Truong
Copywriter: Jonathon Shannon
DoP: Tim Tregoning
Designer: Drew Kilpatrick
Lead Creative Technologist – Andre Venancio
Technical Lead – Mike Hazell
Senior Front End Developer – Kiyo Nishimura
Back End Developer – Sesh Varigonda
UX Architect – Matteo Grand
Executive Producer – Michael Griffiths
Producer – Mike Montgomery
Senior Account Director – Trent Ellis
Senior Account Manager – Charlie Wileman
Chimney Producer - Rosie Parker
Client - Audi Australia Pty Ltd
General Manager of Marketing – Kevin Goult
Marketing Manager – Kit Bashford
Senior Executive Digital & Innovation – Josh Boyden
Senior Brand Marketing Executive – Karlien Mcleod
Holler Australia, has created an engaging and interactive experience for the Audi R8 that invites users to discover the power and beauty of the all-new high performance sports car. The new Audi R8 is so fast that if you blink, you’ll miss it. Using blinks as a personal unit of velocity, the digital experience allows the user to intuitively understand just how fast the all-new Audi R8 can sprint 1,000 metres along an airstrip. The science combines two variables: vehicle speed and blink duration. Race telemetry calculates the precise speed of the vehicle at any given time, while a computer webcam tracks the duration of each blink as it occurs. The result is a unique calculation provided to every user, including their individual number of blinks and how many metres they’ve missed during the race.

The TV Commercial Ad titled Blink Experience was done by Holler Sydney advertising agency for product: Audi R8 (brand: Audi) in Australia. It was released in the Jul 2016.
Advertiser: Volkswagen Group
Brand name: Audi
Product: Audi R8
Agency: Holler Sydney The Chimney Pot
Country: Australia
Category: Cars
Released: July 2016

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