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Credits & Description:

Category: Best Use of Outdoor
Date of First Appearance: Oct 11 2010
Entrant Company: DENTSU CHUBU, Nagoya, JAPAN
Executive Creative Director: Masahi Nakayama (DENTSU)
Supervisor: Hiroki Fujita (DENTSU)
Web Planner: Kenichi Imamura (DENTSU)
Media Planner: Yu Uemura (DENTSU)
Art Director: Nobuaki Naito (DENTSU)
Copywriter: Tetsu Fujioka (DENTSU)
Account Exective: Koei Tanaka (DENTSU)
Designer: Tomoyuki Kaneko (IMPACT TAKI)
Designer: Mizuki Imai (IMPACT TAKI)
Media placement: Poster - 95 Spots - Bus Shelter - 11th Oct 2010
Media placement: Website - Web - 11th Oct 2010

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
COP10 was held in Nagoya.
Although government played a leading role in attracting this conference on biodiversity to Nagoya, citizens were unfamiliar with and lacked sufficient understanding towards the terms “biodiversity” and COP10.

In Nagoya, many commuters use their private car to their offices or schools; the percentage is much higher than that of in Tokyo or Osaka. In this context, using the public bus is considered not only one option of transportation, but also an eco-friendly action.

Creative Execution
Implementation of a campaign raising the issue of extinction (1 species vanishes every 13 minutes) at bus stops in Nagoya.
At bus stops, the same advertising is seen both when leaving for work or school and when returning home.
Focusing on this fact, we created posters with a message that changes in the morning and evening. (Facilities at bus stops remained unchanged.)
Of course, non-bus users like drivers or other pedestrians can see the poster as well.

Results and Effectiveness
The advertising attracted attention, creating a buzz on social network services, and being featured in newspapers and magazines.
We received a large number of reactions from children to adults.
There was also increased understanding of COP10 and “biodiversity.”
The international conference was a success and the names “Nagoya” and “Aichi” were imprinted in international rules and global objectives as the “Nagoya Protocol” and the “Aichi Target”.

The Promo / PR Ad titled TWO FACES was done by Dentsu Inc. Chubu Nagoya advertising agency for product: COP10 PARTNERSHIP PROJECT (brand: Asahi Shimbun) in Japan. It was released in the Oct 2010.

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