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Asahi Shimbun Adverts & Commercials Archive


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Credits & Description:

Category: Best Use of Print
Product/Service: THE ASAHI SHIMBUN
Date of First Appearance: Jan 1 2011
Entrant Company: DENTSU KANSAI, Osaka, JAPAN
Executive Creative Director: Tatsuya Tsujinaka (Dentsu)
Executive Creative Director: Sadahiro Ikeda (Dentsu)
Creative Director: Junichi Harima (Dentsu)
Art Director: Mamoru Ichino (Dentsu)
Art Director: Taichi Sayama (Dentsu)
Copywriter: Makiko Tanimura (Dentsu)
Producer: Takafumi Suzuki (Dentsu)
Producer: Yusuke Narita (Dentsu)
Producer: Jun Hisayasu (Dentsu)
Producer: Takushi Hoshihara (Dentsu)
Producer: Yu Ishida (Dentsu)
Producer: Ryota Kitagawa (Dentsu)
Art Director: Ryoichi Karasuno (Dentsu Creative X)
Director: Saori Kawakami (Dentsu Creative X)
Copywriter: Hayato Hashimoto (Dentsu Creative X)
Media placement: Newspaper campaign - 1.7 Million Copies - 1 January 2011

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
In these depressing times, it is important to send a positive message to all the young and old people using the Newspaper. The message “Let’s look up, 2011” was sent with unique way that only newspaper can do. We made SKY as a media with no additional money and material than ordinary newspaper.

Creative Execution
At the beginning of 2011, we published a special issue with the clients which approve this positive message. We reinvented the most primitive Augmented Reality technique from a classic complementary colour afterimage technique. With this new technique, people can see all the ads in the SKY with full colour from the newspaper ads a little differ from usual. We provide a website where people can make the original primitive AR image easily.

Results and Effectiveness
We get the biggest media with a tiny image on the newspaper. The message and images were on the conversation among readers and non-readers, children and parents… We get the insights of the people that The ASAHI Newspaper is still aggressively challenging interesting new media with the technique based on the message. According to a survey, 95% of the 1.7 million subscribing families enjoyed the special issue more than usual. 75% enjoyed almost all ads of the day and made conversation with others.

The Promo / PR Ad titled THE ASAHI NEWSPAPER IN THE SKY was done by Dentsu Kansai advertising agency for product: The Asahi Shimbun (brand: Asahi Shimbun) in Japan. It was released in the Dec 2010.
Brand name: Asahi Shimbun
Product: The Asahi Shimbun
Agency: Dentsu Kansai
Country: Japan
Category: Newspapers
Released: December 2010

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