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Asahi Shimbun Adverts & Commercials Archive


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Credits & Description:

Category: Best Use of Newspapers
Product/Service: NEWSPAPER
Date of First Appearance: Jul 18 2009 12:00AM
Entrant Company: DENTSU KANSAI, Osaka, JAPAN
Executive Creative Director: Tatsuya Tsujinaka (Dentsu Kensai)
Executive Creative Director: Sadahiro Ikeda (Dentsu Kensai)
Creative Director / Copywriter: Junichi Harima (Dentsu Kensai)
Art Director / Illustrator: Mamoru Ichino (Dentsu Kensai)
Art Director: Taichi Sayama (Dentsu Kensai)
Art Director: Ryoichi Karasuno (Dentsu Kensai)
Designer: Hideya Iguchi (Dentsu Kensai)
Designer: Takehiro Ochi
Production Producer: Kazuaki Ariyoshi
Photographer: Akira Yamada (Studio JAPS)
Photographer: Ihori Nomura
Illustrator: Yoko Yamada
Producer: Shunji Mori (Dentsu Kensai)
Producer: Hideyuki Kojima (Dentsu Kensai)
Producer: Takafumi Suzuki (Dentsu Kensai)
Producer: Yusuke Narita (Dentsu Kensai)
Producer: Yu Ishida (Dentsu Kensai)
Producer: Jun Hisayasu (Dentsu Kensai)
Producer: Kyoko Sugano (Dentsu Kensai)
Producer: Kentaro Mita (Dentsu Kensai)
Media placement: Newspaper - The Asahi Newspaper - 18/07/2009

Results and Effectiveness
These ads touched the hearts of the readers. According to a survey, 95% of the 1.3 million subscribing families enjoyed the special issue more than usual. 75% enjoyed almost all ads of the day. It spurred conversation between young persons and their parents or grandparents, and mentions in many blogs and SNSs of course. Some students brought the original image to school as a summer research. The readers think The Asahi Newspaper is still aggressively challenging new media and worth reading. This issue not only increased good impressions about The Asahi Newspaper among the readers, it also helped to reduce subscription cancellations and increase overall circulation.

Creative Execution
On 18th July 2009, the first day of the school summer vacation, we distributed 1.3 million special issues. Articles are usual in newspapers, but these ads were very special. With the special mirror, the readers could find new hidden images in all the ads in the issue which could not be seen without the mirror: +The principle in Japanese characters of the company name. +Baseball players in clouds around a stadium; the ad for baseball goods. +Gloves in a brown doughnut; the ad for baseball goods. +Food for sake in moons; the ad for sake. +Threatened species in forests of Borneo; the ad for Borneo conservation product. +The words from a movie script by the actors of the movie; the ad for a movie. +Logo of the World Athletics Championships in a wall being broken by a hammer; the ad for a TV sports programme and so on... To add to this, we created a special website where everyone could create the original special image easily.

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
In Japan, newspapers are losing their value especially among young readers, and its number of readers decreasing. A newspaper is a mirror that reflects the world. It should reflect not only the appearance of that, but also the real shape which is difficult to be seen at first glance. The Asahi Newspaper brings its readers the real meaning of the world. To let the readers not only realise once again but also experience, feel and enjoy this newspaper's value, we published a special issue with a special 'mirror' under the principle that a 'Newspaper reflects the world'.

The Promo / PR Ad titled MIRROR was done by Dentsu Kansai advertising agency for brand: Asahi Shimbun in Japan. It was released in the Jul 2009.
Brand name: Asahi Shimbun
Agency: Dentsu Kansai
Country: Japan
Category: Newspapers
Released: July 2009

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