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Asahi Shimbun Adverts & Commercials Archive

Trick People to Prevent Them from Being Tricked

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Credits & Description:

Fraud losses amount to around $1 million daily. Pernicious money transfer fraud targeting the elderly has become a major social issue in Japan.
To against this fraud Japanese police teamed up with the Asahi Shimbun, a well-known newspaper company, and took the bold step of using a counterfeit bill in a newspaper advertisement with the deliberate intention of deceiving newspaper readers. The advertisement contained articles on past cases of money transfer fraud and advice on how to counter the criminals.
This challenge, combined with the daily actions of police has reduced the fraud by 26.5% compared to the previous month.

Agency: ADK
Client: Kunihiro Hayashida/Masaki Nakamura/Fumihito Mizue/Hajime Watanabe/Michiaki Okabe
Account: Takaaki Hiratsuka
Creative director: Mutsumi Ajichi
Copywriter: Koshiro Iwaya
Graphic designer: Hiroo Muro
Director: Satsuki Kashiwagi/Yusuke Hatakeyama

The Print Ad titled Trick People to Prevent Them from Being Tricked was done by ADK Asatsu-DK Tokyo advertising agency for brand: Asahi Shimbun in Japan. It was released in the Aug 2009.
Brand name: Asahi Shimbun
Agency: ADK Asatsu-DK Tokyo
Country: Japan
Category: Newspapers, Public awareness
Released: August 2009

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