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Credits & Description:

Agency: DENTSU
Category: Best Use of Print or Standard Outdoor in a Promotional Campaign
Copy Writer/Planner: Fumiko Nagai (Dentsu Inc.)
Creative Director: Junichi Harima (Dentsu Inc.)
Creative Producer: Kikuko Ando (Dentsu Creative X Inc.)
Producer: Takafumi Suzuki (Dentsu Inc.)
Designer: Yoshiyuki Miyoshi (Dentsu Creative X Inc.)
Art Director: Kyohei Myoga (Dentsu Inc.)
Designer: Masahiro Kito (Dentsu Creative X Inc.)
Designer: Saori Kawakami (Dentsu Creative X Inc.)
Producer: Sho Hirai (Dentsu Inc.)
Art Director: Taichi Sayama (Dentsu Inc.)
Designer: Yuka Saraie (Dentsu Creative X Inc.)
Photographer: Akira Yamada (St.japs)
Designer: Kyohei Nomura (Dentsu Creative X Inc.)
Art Director: Mamoru Ichino (Dentsu Inc.)
Art Director: Ryoichi Karasuno (Dentsu Creative X Inc.)
Client Brief Or Objective
Showing innovation outside the contents of the article, we should present the readers the future of The Asahi Shimbun Newspaper as a news media source. We needed to achieve it without extra budget.
According to the survey, 92.3% spent more time on this edition than usual. 75.0% of experienced subscribers expect in the future of the Asahi Shimbun Newspaper. “Pico-Pico Animated Newspaper” forged a new chapter not only in 130 year history of The Asahi Shimbun but also printing industry and stopped the decline of the readers.
Through the film, all ads on the edition became animated. We provided not only more value than usual to the clients of the ads, but also the future of newspaper to the readers at the same time. With the invention of the new printing technology and presentation of it in the newspaper ads, we achieve the objective in the most inseparable way with newspaper, without extra budget.
We invented a new printing technology “Pico-Pico animated print” which can animate images on the newspaper, while old printing technology had literally come to a stop for long years. The readers spend more time on the newspaper other than the articles, and find innovation and future in The Asahi Newspaper. On July 14, 2013, a special edition with special film was delivered to 1,300,000 subscribers.

The Case study titled THE ASAHI PICO-PICO ANIMATED NEWSPAPER [video] was done by Dentsu Inc. Tokyo advertising agency for brand: Asahi Shimbun in Japan. It was released in the Mar 2013.
Brand name: Asahi Shimbun
Agency: Dentsu Inc. Tokyo Dentsu Creative X Tokyo
Country: Japan
Category: Newspapers
Released: March 2013

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