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Asahi Shimbun Adverts & Commercials Archive

The Asahi Newspaper Moves

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Credits & Description:

Type Of Entry: Use of Media
Category: Best Use of Newspapers
Advertiser/Client: THE ASAHI SHIMBUN
Product/Service: NEWSPAPER
Advertising Agency, City: DENTSU KANSAI, Osaka
Country: JAPAN
Media/Advertising Agency, City: DENTSU KANSAI, Osaka
Country: JAPAN

Credit Details:
Name Position Company
Takaaki Yamazaki Creative Director DENTSU INC. Kansai
Junichi Harima Copywriter/Animation DENTSU INC. Kansai
Mamoru Ichino Art Director/Animation DENTSU INC. Kansai
Shunji Mori Producer DENTSU INC. Kansai
Hideyuki Kojima Producer DENTSU INC. Kansai
Yu Ishida Producer DENTSU INC. Kansai
Jun Hisayasu Producer DENTSU INC. Kansai
Kyoko Sugano Producer DENTSU INC. Kansai
Ryoichi Karasuno Art Director/ Designer/Animation DENTSU TEC. Kansai
Hideya Iguchi Designer/Animation DENTSU TEC. Kansai
Akira Yamada Photographer Studio JAPS
Shinya Murai Photographer Shin Studio
Sumako Sakagami Animation Producer P3Peace
Seiji Nomura Animation Studio Nakaguro Negio

Innovative Media Strategy:
The Asahi Shimbun, the top share newspaper in Japan, renews greatly its layout and figure. To communicate the "movement" we made all the ads on the paper move.

Creative Execution:
Most readers watched the advertising much longer than usual (about 20min per person) because of the surprise that the newspaper ad moved and the accuracy of the movement.

Target Audience:
The Moving Ad told both of the renewal of Asahi Shimbun and what clients (of Asahi Shimbun) want to say at the same time.

As a result, the Moving Ad was watched by 1.3 million families of the reader and attracted the attention from over 100 of internet media like blogs, SNS, videos on Youtube and TV news.

The Ambient Advert titled The Asahi Newspaper Moves was done by Dentsu Kansai advertising agency for brand: Asahi Shimbun in Japan. It was released in the Jun 2008.
Brand name: Asahi Shimbun
Agency: Dentsu Kansai
Country: Japan
Category: Publishing, streaming & media
Released: June 2008


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